Europe’s youth is the European Union’s greatest source of inspiration and opportunity, the very foundations of the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Economic Community on 25 March 1957 – 60 years ago. Only by engaging with the visions, concerns and ideas of young people can Europe hope to overcome its challenges and renew confidence and stability.


ERT  work in partnership with JA Europe to reach out to young people, inviting their opinions on issues they care about, such as employment, and encouraging them to engage in the political process.


“Why Europe Matters” is a call for action: it will ask young people, business people and policy makers to come together in a common effort to demonstrate the positive impact Europe has on everyone’s lives and give the future of Europe a voice.


We want to:
• Understand more about what matters to young people regarding the future of their region
• Generate greater awareness among young people of why Europe matters, encourage their political involvement in Europe
• Inspire young people to get involved in the conversation
• Show the clear commitment of ERT and its Member companies to supporting young people and addressing Europe’s challenges
• Provide an online platform to exchange views on ‘the future of Europe’ with a wider audience